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November 17th– We are thankful for all mothers and fathers out there.  For mothers who were the first people to love you, who nurtured, who taught, who cheered, who supported; who carried the pains you couldn’t.  For fathers who love you like you like their prized possession, who disciplined, who protected; who gave everything they could for you to be everything you are.  Unforunately we are thankful for a parent’s heartbreak because it reminds you that your heart is strong enough to face the worst and still keep beating.  On November 17th my sister and brother-in-law lost their baby boy.  It is and was a trying time but, again, I am thankful for our family and the strong support system we have to help us through the hardest times.


November 18th– We are thankful for laughter!  Laughter is always a beautiful noise that can brighten up the darkest places!

November 19th– We are thankful for a home.  We have a place to rest and relax.  It is also a place of safety and encouragement and gathering those you love!

November 20th– We are thankful for a job that challenges daily.

November 21st– We are thankful for those who have made a positive impact in our lives.  These people have come in all forms over the years: teacher, coach, family member, pastor, doctor, co-worker… You could be changing another persons life without realizing it, be the best form of you, you can be!

November 22nd–We are thankful for the first snow fall.  There is something about the first snow that brings out the kid in all of us. I know Taylor was wishing for a snow day…

November 23rd– We are thankful for delivery food.  Somedays, you just need to order food in and snuggle up on the couch with your other half!

November 24th– We are thankful for family recipes that have been passed down through the family, generation after generation!

November 25th– We are thankful for Google.  Gosh that is a lot of information at our fingertips!

November 26th–  We are thankful for Friendsgiving!  I may be biased but I think we have the best friends out there!


November 27th–  On Thanksgiving we sat back and thought about all that we had to be Thankful for… the list is never ending.  We have an amazing family, friends, we have our health, we have the motivation to learn, we are driven, we have so much love for each other…seriously the list could go on and on. We just need to remember not to take anything for granted.  Life is too short to get caught up in the small things that won’t matter in the long run.


We hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving and their day was filled with good food and loved ones!





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