Dear Taylor Morris (VIDEO)

Posted: 15th July 2012 by BenHagarty in Journal

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Hey guys,

During that first weekend in May, I spent a lot of time with my close friends… A lot of time… We sat around. We sat around and waited. We sat around, drank beer, told stories, gave each other hugs, cried, laughed, told more stories, watched the sun come up multiple times, gave more hugs, ate pizza, ate chips with dip, ate candy, and then did it all again. The reason why: Taylor Morris. We had no idea if one of our brothers would ever come home again, and if he did; would he be the same person that we once knew?

Well… You guys all know how the story goes. Taylor did live, giving up four limbs in the process, but he did survive and his recovery has been amazing. His support system has been ridiculous as well! So many people from all over the world sending him love constantly, donating to his cause, purchasing support shirts (Mike, Hanna, & I send those out, so I know where you all live!), throwing fundraisers, running 5k’s/half marathons/marathons in his name, elementary students creating really funny cards and drawings, people offering to build him a house, people offering to fly him home when he is ready, and so much more! It truly is an incredible community that has come together to support my friend, I know he appreciates it dearly, as do I. It’s too cool.

Anyways, I’m rambling and i’ll just get to the point… When Taylor finally got to America and checked into Walter Reed, all we wanted to do was get to to the hospital and be with him, but it wasn’t that easy. Luckily, we were able to send out our prized possession to keep an eye on him until we got there (Danielle). So with being stuck at home, it was my plan to get a bunch of Taylor’s friends together and send him some love the only way I knew how, a video. It took awhile collecting videos and editing, but I finally got her finished a week before my friends and I flew out to Bethesda to see Taylor and Danielle. When we were there, we all sat in our hotel room and watched this video for the first time and now it’s time to watch it with all of you.

I hope you enjoy and thanks for your time,

Ben Hagarty



  1. The snake story cracked me up. I could actually picture Taylor wrestling that fake snake and people cheering. After watching the video it is clear Taylor is an extrodinary person who loves life. Never change Taylor! Thank you Ben for putting together such a beautiful video.

  2. Exceptional job I would say Bill 🙂

  3. Bill Plantan says:

    LOVE the snake story! What a great job you did Ben Haggerty.

  4. Jenifer Roan says:

    Taylor Morris, making of a hero. What a wonderful group of friends. A true tribute to the man.

  5. Timothy Luce says:

    Taylor I am glad your buddies stayed close to you. Looking forward to seeing you when you get home. After seeing the video I know why the the hotel managers called but also heard why we had so much fun. Great group of friends. All of you are blessed

  6. Rebecca Eien says:

    Ben, your did an awesome job in showing us "the other side" of Taylor. He is so lucky to have so many wonderful friends to be able to come home to and get back to his old antics. I love the fact that you are all "huggers" as is our family. Not many men will admit to it and I don't know why. It is a wonderful thing. Bless you and all that were in this video. I know that Taylor had to have laughed himself sick at all the memories. I really love the snake in the river! You are all such characters. Keep loving life and have a blast when Taylor and Danielle finally make it home to you.

  7. Amazing video! So great reminisce on the crazy things you boys used to do to us in high school! Taylor you are an incredible person and your support team back home continues to pray for you everyday! Keep up the great work!

  8. Patti Udin says:

    What an amazing tribute to an American Hero! My prayers are with you both daily.

  9. Denise Dehl-Olson says:

    The power of friendship is such a great thing to have on your side. You are most certainly blessed.

  10. Marjorie Grover says:

    Ben thank you so much for sharing the video wqith all of us. It was wonderful to see all the comradiere. Taylor is a special person to me and even though I do not know him personally I feel that he is my friend.

  11. Pam Lindstadt Saderup says:

    oh my goodness……I'm laughing and crying and smiling…. Just seeing your friends share their thoughts and feelings tells us what a wonderful young man we are praying for! God bless you all!

  12. AWESOME oh wait that is how you are described and without ever meeting you I already knew that!

  13. Bonnie Wetzel says:

    Ben and all the guys/girls how awesome is that—powerful is the word!! You are all truel;y a gift of God for Taylor. THANKS so much for sharing with all of us.

  14. Terri Calvert Chambers says:

    Wow. I am absolutely speechless. Amazing video!

  15. Team Taylor is Awesome! Keep the spirit strong!

  16. Wow, what a powerful video. Yay, Team Taylor!

  17. Cathy Stuart Walsh says:

    Wow! Well done

  18. I normally don't comment on Taylor's posts because I just can't find the words. Ben, what a wonderful gift you have given all of us who don't personally know Taylor. What an incredible Team of friends you all have. I love the love. KCCO

  19. I will say it again, We need a Love button! Taylor, you really have an outstanding group of friends. I really hope that one day soon I will get to meet them all, and like all of them, I would love to give you a hug, and Danielle and your folks and all the rest of your entourage too! You and your friends are such an inspiration. The Lord has most certainly poured out his Grace and Holy Spirit upon all of you! I thank him for that. <t><

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