Day 17: A New Coat!

Posted: 18th December 2014 by in Journal
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Day 17 of the Advent Calendar.

Today, Taylor found a spool of thread in his box.  Taylor had bought me a sewing machine for my birthday last year so he knew I had sewed him something.

I had posted earlier that Taylor and I have been trying to figure out a jacket that will protect him from the winter elements, but also be easy to take on and off.  If it seems like it is more hassle than it is worth then Taylor would just stick to his t-shirt and shorts.

A few key elements of the jacket:

-It needs to be a zip up

-the sleeves cannot have cuffs (this is important for his right arm.  His prosthetic arm needs to be able to slide in and out without being restricted)

How did I modify the jacket??

I cut the left arm off so it isn’t dragging.  I wanted the left sleeve to be able to cover Taylor’s left nub completely when outside in the cold, but be able to adjust so he could expose his nub when working with his touch-screen phone.  The solution was similar to a infants pajamas where the sleeve cuffed over the nub but also folds back to expose the nub.

Taylor said it was a perfect fit!  I am excited to be able to see him out and about in the winter in something other than a t-shirt!


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