Day 15 of the Advent Calendar

Posted: 17th December 2014 by in Journal
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-- Download Day 15 of the Advent Calendar as PDF --

Day 15 of the Advent Calendar.

On day 15 I gave Taylor the two clues of the letter “D” and a vehicle.  Immediately said oh its a limo…at this point I thought “oh no, now he is going to have a huge let down for the actual gift”

Then he saw the “D” and said oh I get to go on a limo ride with you!


I figured at this point he might need a little direction and told him to think of the limo as a car or vehicle.  From there he guess a car ride with me.  Then quickly ended at the actual present:

For me to “D”etail his vehicle.


Since my final ended today, I am going to detail his Jeep tomorrow when he is studying for his last final.  This means vacuuming, wiping down every surface, washing the windows…the whole nine yards!

IMG_6876 IMG_6878



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