Posted: 22nd March 2013 by Danielle in Journal

-- Download DAVE AND BUSTERS as PDF --

It was Riley and Jackie last day in DC so we had to show them the “must sees” of the area. Of course, we went to Dave and Buster’s for games, nachos, and some drinks. We spent hours mastering the games. If there is one thing to be said for us, we definitely set our goals high. We saw the iPad and we wanted it, All we had to do was earn 130,000 tickets…no big deal just 130,000 tickets. After realizing this was too large of a feat for one night, we decided to be “more realistic” and work towards the iPad mini for ONLY 80,000 tickets. 10 jackpots and countless games later, we walked out of Dave and Buster’s with 13,000 tickets. We gave it a run for our money, that’s for sure! We will be back Dave and Buster’s and we will win BIG!



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