Crack…Crack…Crack… not again

Posted: 29th January 2014 by in Journal

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Taylor dropped the iPad yet again… each time he has dropped it, it seems to have a distinct sound, our heads immediately snap towards one another, and we wait on pins and needles for the outcome as Taylor grabs it off the ground, flips it over to see if the screen is shattered of not.  3 out of 3 times… the outcome… screen shattered.

A majority of the time Taylor has dropped it from only 1.5 feet above the ground (it turns out Taylor is good at hitting the perfect spot that shatters the screen.)  This last time we got the screen fix around new years, so it hasn’t even been a full month 🙁

The thing is we wouldn’t keep replacing the screen ($150 expense each time) but it is the best options for Taylor to navigate around the internet and to do his schoolwork.  And he doesn’t like having a case on it because it is easier to hold and operate when it is in its original, sleek form.

If there is a silver lining… we have decided the shattering only happens when the iPad is plugged in charging while Taylor is using it.  He’s noticed this before and told me about it but now we will have to be more careful with it in practice.  When it is plugged it something with the electronic waves of the charging messes with his mho-electric arm.  If his hand is in rotate mode when he is holding the iPad while it is charging, the hand will rotate without this command.  And if his hand is in open/close mode while holding the iPad while charging it will involuntarily open and close (this is when Taylor goes from holding the iPad to the iPad falling to the ground…shattering).

Its has been a frustrating, helpless feeling each time.  I guess live and learn.  We need an iPad for Taylor to keep his independence and connection to the world when surfing the web or taking college course to earn his degree.  Taylor is too frustrated to go out immediately to fix the screen AGAIN.  But next time we do get it fixed, we have decided he will be forced to adapt to working with the iPad with some sort of case on it…there are worse scenarios




  1. Sherri says:

    Hello favorite friends,

    You may want to check and search for the “ipad hand strap. They have several options that fit on the back on the ipad, and hopefully one of them would be perfect for Taylor. Just a thought, and sure hope it helps.

    God Bless both of you. You are my heroes.

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