Christmas RECAP

Posted: 29th December 2013 by in Journal

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Christmas week was nothing less than perfecto!  We are lucky that both of our families live in the same town, only miles away from each other but it definitely tacks on a few more meals and a few more drives across town.  Our schedule looked something like this.


Christmas Eve:

Church with my family

Dinner with my family

Over to Taylor’s families house for a later dinner and gift exchange


Christmas Day:

Breakfast and gift opening with my family

Lunch at Taylor’s grandparents

Back to my parents house for dinner and cards

In between all those “scheduled” meals there was constant grazing and snacking.  So much good food, treats, and family time!









We ended our Christmas week with watching my nephews for a couple days.  Woofta was I tired at the end of each day but it was fun!  I think my favorite part is when the boys would wind down at the end of each day and get into cuddle mode.  There is nothing like a hug and kiss as we are reading books or watching a movie before bed!

Oh yeah we took them to one of their first movies at the theater… we knew it was going to be a sink or swim occasion.  I think it a was a success! I did feel sorry for those that had to clean up the movie theater floors…popcorn everywhere!




IMG_0709 IMG_0722



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