Taylor's ‘Journal’

What is that? Who?

Posted: 21st July 2014 by Danielle in Journal

What is that coming??? Oh I know that green and yellow, it’s a John Deere tractor. But who is that coming?? Someone taking a trick out of my play book… killing two birds with one stone.  Getting some work done and getting a tan. But who could be that smart and hardworking??? Closer but still […]

New brakes and rotors…What’s a girls to do??

Posted: 21st July 2014 by Danielle in Journal

This weekend Taylor taught me and walked me through changing the brakes on my car. Before this, I hadn’t changed my tire… You can say I jumped into the mechanic role headfirst! Taylor was such a patient, amazing teacher!! There was a few bolts that also had me throwing in the towel.  I used every ounce […]

The unknowns of travel

Posted: 17th July 2014 by Danielle in Journal

Traveling brings out obstacles that you cannot always prepare for.  The different terrain (hills, rocky or cobble roads… forces Taylor to turn a relaxing vacation into a strenuous workout/training/rehab regime), different populated streets (crowded streets with people moving at a fast pace, forces Taylor to be overly observant, agile, and defensive walker. , different weather […]