Taylor's ‘Journal’

The results are in!

Posted: 15th April 2014 by Danielle in Journal

Taylor completed phase two of the experiment between which running leg is more efficient: Straight running leg vs bent knee running leg. Phase two consisted of running a mile in the bent knee running leg then comparing the results when running a mile with the no bending knee running leg. Here are the results from both mile […]

straight vs bent

Posted: 14th April 2014 by Danielle in Journal

Here is the video of Taylor running a mile with the straight  leg running legs.  Just by looking at the video which legs do you think was fastest, most comfortable, or more efficient?? This is the beginning lap of the mile run with straight legs   This is the last lap before the finish line […]

Check! Check! DC’s list is almost complete

Posted: 13th April 2014 by Danielle in Journal

One benefit about being delayed in our release front eh hospital to move back to Iowa, is we get to cross a few more touristy things off our list of sight to see in the DC area. Last year we had tried to make it to the Cherry Blossom Festival but there was a late […]