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Since hearing the news Thursday morning life turned into four long, excruciating days of waiting for more news, the days to pass, and for Taylor to be back in the states.  Those days were immediately followed up by a full week of nonstop medical chaos (surgeries, doctors, pain, therapy…) It was so refreshing to find out this place is like a ghost town on the weekends.

Although Taylor didn’t really fall asleep until 4am this morning, he was relaxed and in little pain the whole night.  He said he was dosing in and out throughout night but got some solid sleep from 4-7:30am.  Me on the other hand; I was out when my head hit the pillow.  A few doctors stopped in for a brief moment this morning but otherwise Taylor and I just hung out, brushed and cleaned our teeth/hair/face, listened to some music, ate breakfast, and had a low key morning.

Juli and Dan came up around noon just in time to hear what the infectious control physician had to say.  Taylor lucked out and every bug that he seemed to be carrying is remarkably treated by the same antibiotic and these bugs are highly sensitive to medicine, so there is nothing to worry about.

After lunch Juli stayed at the hospital and sat with Taylor as he took a three hour nap.  Dan and I went back to the hotel.  He did some laundry.  I took a little nap, went for a run, and showered up for the day.  We all met at the hospital again a little before dinner. Dan and Juli left by the time dinner arrived because they were going to go out for a bite to eat (they deserve a night out). Taylor ate a decent size dinner with a large Ensure.  Once dinner was eaten Taylor and I washed out those long locks of his.  After about a week they were starting to look a little greasy and matted down.  We didn’t just stop there though, we couldn’t neglect his beard.  I washed it out and I showed him how dirty the wash cloth was from it.  He said to me, “maybe we should shave it off.”  I was a little taken back…we all know how much he loves his beard; it’s his pride and joy.  I asked him why and he said he didn’t want to cause extra work for me and the people taking care of him.  I told him it was the initial wash after being over in the dusty environment of Afghanistan so I think we can keep it; for a while anyways.

For the rest of the night we did NOTHING but hang out and chat. It was perfect.  We will have one more day of this relaxation then back to the chaos come bright and early Monday morning.  But as everyone has been telling us; take it one day at a time.  So tomorrow we will celebrate Mother’s Day.

I am going to throw a shout out to the best mom I could ask for but more than that one of my best friends and biggest supporters. Love you mom (Paula Kelly), I hope you have the bestest day!



  1. Tammy Hansen says:

    Happy Mothers Day Julie and Paula! No secret that you have raised amazing kids! Danielle and Julie, the last thing you need to be doing is comforting someone else, but we all look forward to the updates so much, it's the first thing I do when I get home from work and I know that is true for thousands of others. Your posts are better than any novel I have read, feel like we are there with you (just wish it was fiction)! Will be praying for less pain on Monday- After 30 years of nursing I still can't imagine the physical pain Taylor has endured and the emotional pain his loved ones have endured. Also have to comment about Taylor'pic- A) what a handsome guy and B. Fear the Beard!

  2. As I read these posts, I keep thinking about hanging out with Taylor at Cornerstone Festival years ago, crowd surfing to As I Lay Dying. Taylor, we have to get you to a show sometime soon. Miss you, dude.

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