Cabin Fever

Posted: 30th October 2012 by in Journal

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We were starting to get cabin fever today, after being stuck in the apartment due to Hurricane Sandy. For our own sanity, we had to get out and do something.
There was this recipe we had heard about from another wounded warrior down in the training center. He had told us his grandma used to make it with him every year. You would cut the top of a pumpkin off. Crave out the insides. Stuff it with ground beef, vegetables, rice, and a few other ingredients. Then bake the entire pumpkin until the inside walls of the pumpkin became tender. So basically a meat stuffed pumpkin. Unusually I know but he promised it was awesome and it just so happened we had another rainy day with no appointments.
We headed out into the elements to grab all the ingredients we would need to make our first annual meat stuff pumpkin. One thing lead to the next and we decided to make a cooking day out of it. In addition to the meat pumpkin, we made homemade apple cider, roasted pumpkin seeds, and made my favorite dessert caramel rice crispy treats.

Meat stuffed pumpkin turned out pretty good. I think next time we make it we will stray from the recipe and add in some more seasoning because it was a tad bit bland but it was fun to make together!

Homemade apple cider takes a long time to make! A lot longer than we thought but good thing was we didn’t have anywhere to be. So the smell of simmering apples, cinnamon, and sugar on the stove took over the apartment for hours on hours (I’m not complaining about at all.) It smelled delicious. To be honest I began to not care how the apple cider turned out, I was enjoying the fall fragrance way too much.

Roasted pumpkin seeds! This was the best batch yet. We have made them the last couple years. We always used some sort of oil and garlic salt or cyan pepper. Today we found a recipe that called for butter and salt. YUM! They turned out the perfect crunchy with a salty aftertaste! I guess we should have remembered K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid) Easiest recipe we have tried and the best tasting!

Caramel rice crispy treats have never let me down. If you like sweets than this treat is a little taste of heaven. It is always my go to when making treats for an event.



  1. Deb says:

    We make the pumpkin dinner every year and draw on the outside of the pumpkin with a Sharpie so it looks like a jack o lantern. A bit of soy sauce and worcestershire sauce and cream of chicken soup mixed with the hamburger mix goes a long way toward seasoning this dish! So glad you two found some interesting things to do while cooped up.

  2. Karen Wiehoff says:

    Mouth watering details! Thank you for sharing these yummy fall temptations! Happy you are safe and just like you guys to make the best if any situation!

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