Bump on the back of the head

Posted: 7th June 2012 by Juli in Journal

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Sleep tight my little lovelies!!

I guess all injured have it – a bump on the back of the head at the base of his skull.  While washing Taylor’s hair the other day we found this long blood crusted ridge – about 3” long.  It was matted with hair.  Taylor said it was tender to the touch too – after diving deeper – and discussion with several nurses – we learned that all critically injured soldiers have it – and that Taylor’s wasn’t as bad as most (probably because of his hair).

The nurses thought maybe it was from the helmet, or the neck brace, or something – and then riding home on the plane – just wreaked havoc on that skull bone.

Last week I ran into the 4th quad to survive – Travis Mills – we talked about many things – among them the wound on the back of the head.    Travis also said that Taylor will have 2 bald spots on the back of his head too.   Sure enough – when we checked we found Taylor does have 1.   Not sure why only 1 – maybe it’s the hair again.  J

Soon enough they will disappear – as Taylor is up and mobile again AND exhausted!    His morning started out early, a 2nd visit from Bruce Braley, a wound cleaning – so there will be another surgery to lance the right leg wound again.   Then there was PT – an amazing workout (we hope to get the video posted – (thank you Benny Boy!), OT – creating a “rig” – that they chuckled about patenting – to assist in wiping the butt.   Then the pilgrimage to track down the shower Taylor will use – waaaaaay down the hall – didn’t take it tonight – because there was the testing of the pic line that they thought was clogged – and vitals to check, and more visits.  They had their lunch at 4:00 – missed supper, had an interview with the CF paper at 7:00 – and I’m not sure what happened after that – because that’s when I left  – they are exhausted!

I told Danielle – I would write tonight – there’s so much more to tell about Taylor’s day – and more stuff we learned today – but that’s it for now – because I’m tired too.

So Guten nacht – sleep tight my little lovelies – I love you Taylor – you too my little Dan-yellie




  1. Andrew Fear says:

    Taylor – its sad for me to think you can do more sit ups than me. 🙂 Keep up the hard work, KCCO.

  2. Rebecca Eien says:

    I am so glad that you got to meet Travis Mills. I have been following his progress as well as yours and others. Taylor, you continue to make amazing progress! Danielle, bless you for taking the time to document your daily events. You have such a way with words, and a keen sense of humor. You are such a special and loving lady. Taylor is bless to have you in his life, and visa-versa. I continue to send prayers and healing thoughts. Your videos are amazing. Keep working hard and you will be home in no time.

  3. Prayers for you Taylor, & for Danielle, from one military family to another, regroup & stay the course!

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