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Today I got a phone call with great news on the other end!

A while back I became aware of a scholarship that would allow me to go back to grad school to get my masters. I completed the application with an essay and other documentation included. Before everything happened this last year I never, never imagined I would go back to school or ever imagined I would WANT to go back to school but I was really excited upon completion of the scholarship application.

I already have my Business Management degree with a minor in Entrepreneurship but I would love the opportunity to go back to school with the intentions of learning how to start and run a nonprofit. I have personally seen how vital a helping hand can be when life has hit rock bottom. These helping hands have facilitated us in getting our lives back; I want to give back in that same manner.

I knew the scholarship program was very competitive so I was extremely anxious to hear back if I was one of the recipients or not. Today I received that call!!!


While on the phone I was given a few details for how the scholarship works. When I was given the chance to ask questions, I asked how soon can I start classes up? The voice on the other end responded, “Whoa you’re ready to go. The program is designed to start next fall but if you are anxious to get going, this summer’s sessions would be a possibility.”

Oooohh I’m starting this summer!! I’m really excited!!
Taylor and I have been impatiently waiting on this phone call so he knew exactly what this conversation entailed by the smile that was stretched across my face the entire time! When I looked at him, his smile was equally as taut!!



  1. John and Nichole Dubuisson says:

    CONGRATS….YOU GO GIRL…. You just have a nak at adding more things to do each day in what’s an already FULL day! GO GET EM..

  2. Danielle that is so awesome, YOU earned it and your Destiny is to continue doing GREATNESS in the WORLD!…YOU GO GIRL!!!

  3. Lois Marie Ross says:

    Congratulations, Danielle! I am very happy for you. You will be perfect in the field you have chosen, and it’s wonderful that you were awarded the scholarship.

  4. Cherie says:

    Congratulations Danielle – that’s wonderful news! I have no doubt you will be great at whatever organization you decide to put together!

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