Are you kidding me????

Posted: 29th April 2014 by in Journal

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Long story short. Our friends, Ben and Lauren, were ready to his the road to Iowa this morning, we grabbed them hot coffees for the road, and said our good byes… Only to find out the van was broken this morning. We had just got it serviced.  I had just drove it earlier that morning to fill up the gas tank  for the road trip (absolutely no problems.)  Then the second they get in to start the van and start their road trip, the van doesn’t start.  ‘t spent the day either jumping the battery, waiting for the tow truck, sitting at a dealership, or dealing with shitty costumer service all day. Ben and Lauren were supposed to take the van loaded with boxes so we could take the jeep and pull a uhaul with the rest of our stuff but because the van is still broken (they are guessing it is the transmission…it is only a 2012 and we just got it serviced last week) we had them take the jeep so Lauren could get back to work. Which means no uhaul is being pulled behind the jeep and the van is still in the shop. We are sitting around waiting to hear whats up with the van before deciding our next plan of action. Today sucked… Just when you think you have something planned or organized, life throws you a huge curve ball and reminds you plans are never written in stone.



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