-- Download Alive Day and EOD Memorial in the same week... as PDF --

With the events that are due to occur this week it is easy to slip into the mindset of where life was, where we are now, and where life could have taken us.

This Friday, May 3rd is our year anniversary from the day Taylor was clearing a building for refugee in Afghanistan when he stepped on an undetectable IED. Life changed as we knew it in that very second. Although such an unfortunate event happened on May 3rd, we have been extremely fortunate throughout this last year to undergo rapid recovery with very few setbacks. Living on that momentum and a crazily jam packed scheduled has gotten us through this last year without too many shoulda, coulda, woulda thoughts creeping into our thoughts.

Coincidently, the same week of Taylor’s injury anniversary ( His “alive day” as they call it here at the hospital) is the EOD Memorial. Every year the EOD community gets together to honor those who have fallen and add the past year’s EOD deaths to the memorial wall.

With these two events so close together it only makes the memories and thought that much more raw.



  1. Jeff Coulter says:

    That’s a lot to process in during one week and a lot to try and feel. Gratitude, loss, reflection, honoring. Sometimes having to stop, stand still and just feel it all is the hardest thing in the world.

    During my recovery from drugs, I have lost people to addiction. I’ve wondered “why me and not them” as well as “why them and not me. I feel gratitude that I have been given an opportunity to keep going, and they have not. The first time I lost a friend to an overdose I was crushed trying to make sense of it. My mom sent me this quote, I don’t know who said it. “Sometimes I wonder why some are taken too soon, or so young. When I stop to think about it I realize that God must have brought them home because he missed them.” So grateful that you are here to share you story. Will keep those who gone too soon, and their families in my prayers.

  2. Patty Pittala says:

    A time to sit down and go through that wonderful scrapbook you’ve created. Your lives are different but still so full of love, determination and support from family, friends and people like me who you don’t even know- but we cheer you on everyday! Everyday is a gift and you both are an inspiration. You have so much to look forward to and so much more to share,

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