The Chive Found Taylor Morris

Posted: 31st May 2012 by in Journal

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Today The Chive posted a story about Taylor to their fan base (several million people). Within two hours we have raised $50,000 for Taylor! TWO HOURS!

This is an awesome story written, awesome American people giving their money to Taylor to help with his recovery! Check out the story:




  1. Paula Chive says:

    Hell we've collected so much money meow they'll build a chain of cabins. And since they won't be living in all of those cabins of course they'll rent out the rest at insane prices since hey, there'll be plenty of demand. Tenants soon won't be able to pay the rent and mr. Morris will have to get medieval on their asses…
    We've created a monster… just wait and see…

  2. Terry Burke says:

    good stuff paula

  3. Hey Brother,
    I read your story and i got chills im so glad that you are making it through the rough times!! Me and my wife both hope you have a speedy recovery!!!
    God Speed and Fair Winds!!

    AM3(AW) Dellinger, Brayden
    Strike Fighter Squadron 102

  4. And Canadian! The Chivers are from All over! And we help where we can!

  5. Jason says:

    Vet/Chiver, just donated. KCCO

  6. Justin Lamb says:

    You gave so much, Taylor. Here is a little in return. KCCO!

  7. Jason in Atlanta says:

    Taylor, you are an inspiration to so many. You are a true American hero. Thank you for sacrificing so much for your country. Words cannot express my gratitude. Donation made, wish it could be more. KCCO

  8. Ashley Weger says:

    As has already been said countless times, our donation does not come close to representing the amount of respect and gratitude my husband (former U.S.M.C., ALWAYS U.S.M.C.) and I have for you. Stay strong Taylor. KCCO.

  9. Terry says:

    KCCO Taylor and Danielle. That new cabin better make the DAR πŸ™‚ aka: MAGSGQ

  10. Trampass and Bridget Gilbert says:

    This is Trampass and Bridget Gilbert we are from Georgia and my husband Trampass works with Taylor’s dad in Pensacola, Fla. Trampass is an electrician and he said he wants to wire Taylor and Danielle’s cabin for them. He wants to do it himself and wants Taylor to have all the best shit in the cabin so Taylor will not have to worry about a thing! So need to worry about getting the cabin wired it is taken care of when the time comes.

    Taylor you are a true American Hero. Thank you for your courage and bravery in keeping the United States safe. We wish you the best in your recovery and keep the motivation that you have always. You have a truly remarkable family that will always be by your side and that is a wonderful gift.

    Trampass and Bridget Gilbert

  11. Mike Wells says:

    Kcco best wishes to you and your family, Kuna Idaho.

  12. Eric Lowe says:

    KCCO and Bravo Zulu! Thank you once again for your service! God Bless and get healed up Taylor!

  13. Erin Palmer says:

    KCCO from Oregon. Quick healing and enjoy that cabin!

  14. Reese says:

    I am a Chivette who just made my donation, Taylor your hardships, patriotism and bravery bring tears to my eyes. I am an RN in an urban ER and we are notorious for being a bunch of hard a**es, but after sharing your story with co-workers there were tears all around- and a lot of requests on how to donate. Thank you for your service and your strength. I hope those Nurses are taking good care of you and you can get home to your cabin soon. KCCO.

  15. Victor Nav says:

    Kcco shipmate!! I think we last i read chivers helped u pass the $200k mark!! Looks like ur gonna have to get a boat too!!!!

  16. Kristi Farley-Cota says:

    KCCO Taylor! Enjoy that cabin & thank you for your service! Get well soon πŸ™‚

  17. Brett Brown says:

    Kcco tylor from a chiver down in Adelaide Australia

  18. Ed H. says:

    I made my donation today.. it doesn’t amount to what you’ve been through.. I’m glad the CHIVE posted it..

    KCCO Talyor!

    Best to you,


  19. Phil says:

    Thank you for your service. KCCO

  20. Troy says:

    You are the embodiment of a hero brother. One vet to another KCCO

  21. Erin Noble says:

    KCCO Taylor and Danielle! Taylor you are an inspiration and Danielle, your strength for your man is astounding!

  22. b prichard says:

    so proud to be a chiver and to have helped taylor and his family in any small way…
    keep calm and chive on! taylor! you are a true inspiration, and an honest-to-god hero.

  23. charles colvin says:

    Hey shipmate. Found about you and just had to help out.
    As you are aware so many others have given more than limbs. I hope you don’t let any guilt-based feelings of being singled out while so many of our wounded brothers and sisters also soldier on in relative anonymity. YOU earned our respect and admiration as well. Besides a direct donation to you I’ve decided to go to the VA and see how I can help others. Thanks for showing me what really matters.

    Fair winds brother;

    AW1 (Ret)

  24. Robert V. Adger-Barton says:

    You are an inspiration!

    Sincerely from one vet to another.

    God Bless to you & your family!

  25. Semper Fi Taylor! Thank You for your sacrifice. You are a remarkable human being. Your story on the chive brought me to tears. Keep up the unbelievable work and progress you are making. You are an inspiration to all. KCCO from a former USMC brother!

  26. Luke says:

    thank you…

    and don’t forget to update theChive after getting into your cabin πŸ˜‰

  27. Chris Beaver says:

    No possible way for us to thank you for your sacrifice, KCCO live long, live proud and live free!

  28. MattL says:

    There aren’t enough words to thank you for your courage, service, or sacrifice. Your story really is an inspiration, and serves as an example of greatness for us all. You’re a true American Hero. Hang in there and KCCO, brother.

  29. It’s an remarkable paragraph for all the web users; they will take advantage from it I am sure.

  30. Patrick says:

    Thank you for you service and sacrafice that you have made to help protect each and everyone of us. Without people like you, we would be no where. Enjoy your cabin by a lake, you have most deffinitley deserved it.


  31. Paul says:

    Thank you for your service and sacrifice Taylor. I hope you and your wonderful life enjoy the cabin for years to come.

    Keep Calm and Chive on.

  32. Erik & Karen says:

    Thank you for your service – donation headed your way. Enjoy your cabin!


  33. Ed Hughes says:

    Enjoy the Cabin, you deserve it…. Thanks for your service..

  34. Gareth Saums says:

    Taylor- saw your story on the Chive. Your enthusiasm and positive attitude about life and what you still want to accomplish even after what happend is nothing short of inspiring. Reading your story I couldn't help but think of a few people I care for- my cousin is a 2 tour Iraq/Afghanistan Special Forces captain, one of my best friends is a 2 tour Iraq Army vet, and another is a 2nd lieutenant in the Marines. In honor of them and support of you, I donated immediately. Wish the very best for you and your family. Enjoy that cabin on the lake.


  35. Words cannot express the gratitude that the world has for you. I wish you the best of luck and hope you are Keeping Calm and Chiving On in your cabin soon!

  36. Ian says:

    Thank you for all that you have sacrificed! We will never be able to truly repay you for your service. We are able to live the way we do because of people like you. My prayers are with you and your family. KCCO

  37. Dave NZ says:

    Keep Calm, and Chive On!

  38. Matt Painter says:

    KC and CO from Texas. Words can't express how grateful we are for you and others like you, Taylor. God's speed in your recovery.

  39. Mustangman says:

    Thanks for your sacrifice and service. Go home soon!!

  40. PSJ says:

    Thanks. KCCO

  41. Not a lot to say here that has not already been said. Thank you for your service and sacrifice. Heal quick, Love fierce and KCCO!

  42. Ken says:

    You deserve a lifetime of happiness for your bravery and courage. Any little thing I can do to help makes me happier than you can imagine. Thank you for making us all better people.

  43. Jessica says:

    Also a Chiver from England who donated, Taylor’s story and the support for him is worldwide. Good luck with your recovery Taylor and enjoy your cabin!

  44. kvigil says:

    Thank you for all that you have sacrificed for our nation, this is a very inspiring and uplifting story, that i have shared with all of my friends, coworkers and family members. Thank you for your sacrifice, and KCCO!

  45. This story was amazing. Good luck with your recovery, and hopefully we get you that cabin =).

  46. Bruno G says:

    KCCO from Sherbrooke, QuΓ©bec !!!

  47. Tim says:

    Thank you for your service and sacrifice. A true hero. Keep Calm and Chive On.

  48. Jaggs says:

    KCCO from SC. Enjoy what you deserve and send us pictures!

  49. Aideen says:

    KCCO from Ireland Taylor.
    Your story is amazing. Best of luck with your recovery and I wish you all the best for the future xxx
    P.S You are going to LOVE your new cabin!!!

  50. TJ Bates says:

    KCCO Taylor, a true American hero. Thank you for your service and sacrifice.

  51. James Keogh says:

    Irish chiver here, was happy to help such a selfless and brave guy.

  52. Joanna Fordham says:

    New Zealand is cheering you on Taylor! KCCO

  53. Henrik says:

    Donation sent – KCCO from Denmark!

  54. Brian J Castro says:

    KCCO Taylor. thank you for your service.

  55. David Taylor says:

    Life goes on. Life finds a way.

  56. Grant Davey says:

    Donation from South Africa, the world needs way more people like you willing to take control of evil.

  57. Paula Chive says:

    ugh, Chivers have a way of always disappointing you. John only asked them for a down payment, and what do those asshats do? They pay for the whole f*cking cabin!
    But seriously: Be sure to enjoy the hell out of it guys!

  58. Melanie says:

    There are no words to describe how selfless you are. My little brother is at basic training for the army right now and I couldn’t be more proud to know he is serving (as well as many of my friends) with tremendous men and women like you who are willing to risk your life for my freedom. The least I can do is donate and help give you what you deserve. I have never felt more proud to be an American. Thank you for all you have done

  59. Neil semmler says:

    From a loyal charlotte N.C. Chiver KCCO!!! You are a true inspiration keep calm and thank you for all you have done and chive on you have a entire internet?… no no FAMILY supporting you!

  60. Ric Hardy says:

    As an Army veteran, I thank you for taking care of my brothers-in-arms. Let me know when you start building, Omaha isn’t that far away. Keep Calm and Chive On!

  61. Wes says:

    Taylor! You sir are a true hero! I hope you get your goals and dreams as you definitely deserve them! Thank you for serving our country! I’m proud to help a hero like yourself!

  62. Ted Kiel says:

    KCCO from Minneapolis, via UNI.

  63. KCCO. Enjoy that dream cabin, brother.

  64. Jessica says:

    KCCO from a loyal FL Chivette and thank you Taylor! You’re an inspiration

  65. Even though I've never officially met taylor we are both cf alums, I graduated a year after him, and his story is amazing so I'm sending 20 bucks as soon as I can scrounge it up.

  66. Lynn says:

    I will be sending a donation to your grandparents’ house – KCCO Taylor. I wish I could donate more – you deserve every penny you get. I hope you get some much needed relaxation at your new home:) I’m so elated and ridiculously happ

  67. Kevin says:

    I know our paths will never cross, but I want you to know that I will think of you and your sacrifice many times throughout my life. And each time I do, I will have to stop, catch my breath, and say thank you again. Even though you will not hear all of my thank yous, here is the first one. Thank you………

  68. Garett P says:

    Praying for a speedy recovery Taylor. KCCO

  69. Ryan says:

    Thank you very much for your service Taylor, words and money alone can not describe the amount of gratitude I have for your service and your sacrifice! You truly are an American hero! Keep calm and Chive on!!

  70. Anonymous says:

    KCCO Taylor! I think I speak for many when I say we hope to see many updates on your recovery and updates on the progress of your cabin! Your not just another story, You're a real hero!

  71. Dylan says:

    Glad to help with this gesture that is small compared to your service and sacrifice.


  72. Travestyevo says:

    KCCO from Austin TX… You’re in the Chiver brotherhood now.

  73. Mike says:

    Another Chiver checking in.

    Taylor, there’s no way we can repay you for everything you have done in the name of freedom and what’s right. It’s people like you that make me proud to call myself not just American, but human.

  74. Tom Mount says:

    Amazing story. God bless you, sir, and I wish you continued success in your recovery. KCCO from Philly.

  75. PATRICK says:

    Such a humbling story. Good luck guy.

    May the wind always be at your back, the sun upon your face,
    and let the winds of destiny carry you aloft to dance with the starts

    Enjoy the cabin kcco

  76. Ryan Pea says:

    Get well soon Taylor! Chive on!

  77. Andrea Bodenberg Hoffman says:

    As one with friends and family in the military, thank you for your service and sacrifice. Proud to have donated to an honorable man.


  78. Rob says:

    Add one more Chiver! I was incredibly moved by your sacrifice and the courage you’ve displayed. You may be proud to an American. I so happy to be able to help out, albeit in a small way. No amount of money can repay you for what you’ve sacrificed but I know you’re overcome the challenges that face you.


  79. DW says:

    Chiver here, Thank you and enjoy your cabin.

  80. Matt says:

    Thank you for your service! KCCO!

  81. Kari says:

    From one proud Army Mama to one amazing Navy son… God bless you, kid – and a special nod to your parents, because I know what it’s like to dread the day you may hear news like this. Your story is inspirational, and I’m glad to see that all the Chivers out there stepped up… enjoy your new home!! KCCO!

  82. Mike and Jackie says:

    Two loyal chivers who are very Thankful to Taylor for all he has done. Thank you again and KCCO!!!

  83. Tim says:

    Sailor and a Chiver here to donate, KCCO Taylor. We’ll never forget your sacrifice.

  84. Phil Taylor says:

    As these comments show, not just American chivers that recognise your courage and heroism. As an Australian chiver I was more than happy to donate to your cause.

    You are an inspiration to all.

  85. Sam M says:

    kia kaha! Well said Thomas. We have to share the love from NZ (Christchurch & the rest of the country)

  86. Keep Calm and CHIVE ON ALWAYS! Praying for you and your family.

  87. Jason says:

    Another chiver stopping by to donate. Great cause! Happy to do what little I can, though it pales in comparison to what Taylor and others have done for us! KCCO!

  88. A Shumate says:

    You are worth every penny. God bless and breath a little easier.

    KCCO deep in the heart of Texas.

  89. Ernest says:

    Rest now brave warrior, once you have some R&R and get set up in your new diggs I see you still doing great things for this land. KCCO.

  90. Bryan says:

    1000 nations of the Chive are bearing down upon you. God bless you son. I wish I could have donated more.

  91. Nick G says:


    Also, Semper Fi.


  92. Amrit Prasad Uprety says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! A thousands thank you is not enough.
    KCCO Tayor.

  93. Kevin Quinn says:

    Thank you.

  94. Nick B says:

    I was honored to donate to such an amazing cause.

    Taylor, your bravery and selflessness made my day.



  95. Thomas K says:

    A very touching story, you show amazing courage and spirit.

    I’m not even an American, but I’ll make a donation from down here in New Zealand on my pay day.

    KCCO & Kia Kaha

    Thomas K

  96. JB says:

    Keep the donations going people, it takes alot of money to live the rest of your life with a disability, and our hero’s deserve it. all my families best to you and yours

  97. Wolf says:


    Though not an American, I have a deep and abiding affection for the USA.
    I thank you for your service and sacrifice.
    You are a hero and a true inspiration to so many.
    I hope that my donation, along with all of others, will soon bring you your cabin. May you, your family and all your loved ones create many happy memories in that cabin.
    Keep calm and chive on!

  98. John G says:


    Thank You



  99. Sam M says:

    KCCO from New Zealand Taylor. Your story and sacrifice has touched us, even on this side of the world. Thank you for your devotion to your country and the sacrifice you have given. Ensure that you love every day and are eternally thankful to those that have stood by you (your girlfriend, your parents, your mates ect ect). The chive and all their loyal pupils are behind you. KCCO

  100. Patrick Long says:

    I think its over 100K now. That is kickass. KCCO.

  101. Brent Overcash says:

    Chive on Taylor and let the Chivers do their thang! Get well soon!

  102. Aaron says:


  103. Over $100,000 so far! Keep Calm & Chive on Taylor! Thank you for all you did for us, now its time to return the favor. My husband & I donated! <3

  104. Eric Monette says:

    KCCO, I guess I can't really talk crap about the Navy now. That or Just not the EOD, Seals, SAR and Corpsmen πŸ™‚ Stay strong, wishing you the best brother from a thankful Airman in Afghanistan.

  105. Chris says:

    Best wishes for a happily-ever-after, Taylor. KCCO!

  106. Louis Daigle says:

    You are truly a great American hero! Hope my modest donation can help you in some way. Anyone else who sees this should also donate even if it's only $1.00.


  107. Thank you for your service. May this give you at least a small measure of peace. KCCO!

  108. Dave Lantz says:

    Taylor, the Chive Nation's got your six. KCCO.

  109. Petre Caldarulo says:

    Taylor…thank you immensely for all you've given in your service. I hope you continue to KC&CO. Juli, Dan, and Danielle…thanks for taking care of this young hero. Much respect.

  110. KCCO from a fellow military chiver! I wish you the best and a speedy recovery!

  111. Dave W says:

    God Bless and KCCO!!!

  112. Dan Ruby says:

    KCCO man. Thank you for your service.

  113. Anonymous says:


  114. Jim Crozier says:

    Thank you for your service. KCCO

  115. Austin Webster says:

    Inspiring story. KCCO!

  116. Lee Yates says:

    It's the least we could do….thank you for your service and God Bless You and Your Family. Keep Calm and Chive On from Moody, Alabama!

  117. Joey Amposta says:

    wow this is the kind of thing I served for, makes me proud of my country. Thank you Taylor, and thank you to theChive.
    Semper Fi Shipmate.

  118. Fawne Rhyne says:

    Inspiring is the only word that fully expresses how I fell about you and your family. Thank you for your services and God bless you all.

  119. Justin MacLean Lord says:

    Chive on from Canada, you are an inspiration.

  120. Jamie B says:

    Hope you get enough for the cabin outright so you can keep calm and cabin on!

  121. Coleman says:

    Donation is in the mail buddy, from one Navy vet to another…


  122. Aaron Rush says:

    Keep Calm and Chive On! Thank you for everything you've done!

  123. Bobby H says:

    God Bless you Taylor, family and friends. The little I could give is nothing compared to what you’ve given to all of us. KCCO!

  124. Kyle H says:

    Chive on Taylor!

    Thank you for your incredible bravery and unbelievable strength and determination. Enjoy that cabin.

  125. Thanks Taylor, your gift to this country is unrepayable. Glad to help the little I can. KCCO

  126. Gregory Jones says:

    Over $80,000, great job CHivers, keep it up! Taylor man you deserve so much more than we can give for what you're done.

  127. Ryan says:

    Hey man! Read your story on the chive! Sending by respect and a donation from Fort Mcmurray,Alberta! You’re a hero and you deserve every cent here. Thank you!


  128. Jerry P says:

    Thanks for all you have given this country. KCCO. I hope you have a cabin on the lake with views of mountains that you will one day conquer.

  129. Correction not only super Awesome American people, Europe, African all over we are all chivers and Taylor Inspired us all reading his story.

  130. Keep Calm & Chive On!

  131. Mith says:

    Canadian Chiver here.

    It’s brave guys like you that make me wish I was from the US.

  132. Jake says:

    Good luck, sir. Its going to be a long road, but you’re not walking alone.

  133. Eric G says:

    KCCO! Donated!

  134. Boat says:

    God bless you for your service. Enjoy the cabin and Chive on!

  135. Former USN PO2 says:

    I am stunned and humbled by not only what Taylor has done with his EOD work but also (after reading this blog) The willingness of all the family members to immediately assume the critical role of Caregiver.

    A few years back I had the opportunity to spend a year volunteering at Bethesda and subsequently spent a good deal of time up on 7 West. It never ceased to amaze me the raw emotions that permeated the air to the point of being palpable… strength, honor, commitment, pride, loyalty….

    I truly hope that you continue to share this blog and your story, not only because I feel it is hugely cathartic and thus an instrument of healing… but also… I think it shines a much deserved light on the young men and women who serve their country as Corpsman, Drs, RNs, PTs, and OTs (civilian and active duty).

    Thank you for sharing this with us…. oh an KCCO!

  136. Wah Sun says:

    One Vet to another,

  137. Gary A says:

    KCCO! Thank for your service and everything you have done. I can’t buy you beers, so the donation will have to do!

  138. so awesome. I love the chive and chivers. I'm so glad we could help you guys out. KCCO!

  139. Joel Johnson says:

    KCCO from Alberta Canada Taylor!!!

  140. Tim Same says:

    I too donated to Taylor and his family after reading his story on the chive. Thank you for your bravery and service…KCCO!

  141. Wishing you a quick recovery and many years of happiness in your cabin. KCCO!

  142. Josh W says:

    Chive on brother.. i’ll bring the beers when you move in to your new cabin.

  143. TracyA says:

    Words cannot describe the depth of my gratitude for your service, and all servicemen fighting for freedom and peace. The time, energy and sacrifice expected of our servicemen and women is enormous. We as Chivers acknowledge this sacrifice, and I am sure we all wish we could do more, not only for you, but for all of our fighting men and women.

    Faith in humanity restored!!!

    Fellow Iowa Chiver

  144. JimH says:

    Thank you for your service it is the men and women like you who make our Nation great! KCCO!

  145. Mark Ready says:

    KCCO from Canada, sir. Like another poster said the donations are global!

  146. Meghan says:

    Thank you for your service! You are a true inspiration!

  147. JaredS says:

    KCCO Buddy,

    I have a friend who is a double amputee. He won’t let that keep him away from reaching his goals and I know you won’t either. Chive nation is the best, enjoy the cabin.

    Thank you for the service from a Canadian Chiver.

  148. Brooke says:

    My donation is nothing compared to what you have donated to our country. I hope my donation and the chivers donation not only builds a down payment – but the entire cabin. Stay strong, be amazing – because that is what you are. Thank you. KCCO! πŸ™‚

  149. Shannon O'Brien says:

    You are an amazing person Taylor, have a quick recovery and KCCO!

  150. Dan says:

    KC&CO Taylor and Danielle. I am honored to be able to say thank you for your service and sacrifice!

  151. matt smith says:

    kcco and thanks for your service.

  152. Nick Listar says:

    Thank You, for everything!

  153. KCCO! Thank you Taylor for protecting our country and doing your part for us. Glad I could give back even just a little bit… Chive on!

  154. David says:

    KCCO my brother.. Thank you for your service and enjoy the rest of your life.

  155. B-ROB says:

    I knew theCHIVE was powerful, but this is awesome! KCCO Taylor! ENJOY YOUR CABIN!!!

  156. Anonymous says:

    Not just Americans. Donations are coming in from all over the world.

  157. anguish says:

    Very proud to donate to a hero! KCCO

  158. Andy says:

    Taylor you are the definition of KCCO!
    Best of luck in your recovery and your future endeavors…for a guy like you I’m sure there will be many!

  159. Terry Graham says:

    My donation doesn't compare to my gratitude for your service and sacrifice.


  160. Jo Wottowa says:

    Not just Americans.. Chivers worldwide are showing love for Taylor. Rightfully so. KCCO

  161. Nick Listar says:

    Proud to donate. Enjoy the hell out of your cabin! KCCO!

  162. Stephen says:

    True Hero, Proud to donate. Wishing you the best of luck from the UK!

  163. Allison says:

    CHIVE ON, TAYLOR from a Dept. of Homeland Security Chivette!

    Also, just note that it says “American” people giving their money to Taylor…there are Chivers from all over the globe donating.

    KCCO and enjoy that cabin!!

  164. Bryan Allen says:

    Not probably… is the best site in the world.

    Keep Calm and Chive On Taylor.

  165. Jeremiah Matson says:

    Glad Chivers realized what a phenomenal individual Taylor is, true grit right there. KCCO

  166. Jack Spectre says:

    I’m also a Chiver that donated. It’s easy to forget that the freedom we enjoy comes at a very high cost.

    We can’t replace what was lost. But we sure as hell can help with Taylor’s future.

    Better start looking at cabin designs, buddy. And thank you for your service. It is neither forgotten nor taken for granted.

  167. AlbusQ says:

    Taylor you are the definition of ‘brave’ and ‘hero’. I’m proud to donate what I can and I’ve never been prouder to be a Chiver. You KCCO brother!!!

  168. KCCO. The Chive Family came in full for today!

  169. W Carp says:

    Proudly Donated.
    One Vet to another. KCCO.

  170. Greg Jones says:

    God bless Taylor from one vet to another.


  171. Johnny Minton says:

    Chivers rule and Taylor, you deserve every cent raised. KCCO my Hero!

  172. Jmalatt says:

    Chiver here. I fully agree. You earned more than any of us deserve. KCCO

  173. KingT says:

    I’m one of the Chivers who donated, and I think I speak for all of us when I say we’re all so proud of Taylor and just happy that we can help. Taylor, enjoy that cabin, buddy. You’ve sure as hell earned it. Thank you for your service and sacrifice.

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