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November 17th– We are thankful for all mothers and fathers out there.  For mothers who were the first people to love you, who nurtured, who taught, who cheered, who supported; who carried the pains you couldn’t.  For fathers who love you like you like their prized possession, who disciplined, who protected; who gave everything they could […]

In all the bad… we need to look for the good!

Posted: 16th November 2015 by in Journal
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November is a month to be thankful for! November 12– For a phone that allows you to communicate with people instantaneously even when you are far away from them. November 13–  We are thankful for blogs for connecting you with other like-minded people.  Thank you all for joining us on our journey and supporting us everything step […]

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November 10–  Today we are thankful for the ability to learn.  Taylor has two quizzes and a test this week and although its a lot crammed into one week, Taylor truly loves to learn.  He spends countless hours studying for school and then when he has free time from school work, he is walking a […]