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Thank you!

Posted: 23rd April 2015 by in Journal
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Thank you so much for all the feedback and ideas for the house!  Keep them coming.   Taylor doesn’t take off his shoes often (ever) which creates an issue on rainy days or snowy winters.  Any ideas for flooring? Or how to dry/clean his shoes before coming in from the garage? A big debate between […]

We need your help!

Posted: 22nd April 2015 by in Journal
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Taylor and I have been working on house plans for quite some time.  We are so so so so so excited to start the build process and finally be in our forever home.  We are excited to be out of limbo, have our personal items out of boxes and out of storage, and finally be […]

A Bunch of Iowan Pyros

Posted: 19th April 2015 by in Journal
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This weekend we burned the prairie at Taylor’s parent house so  the prairie would be all ready for spring and new growth! That wasn’t enough fire and flames for us, we started one of our big bon fires! Love bon fire nights hanging out around the house with friends:-) The simple things