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Family above all!!

Posted: 30th November 2014 by in Journal
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We had a fun holiday weekend! Surrounded by lots of yummy food, happy family and friends!  Although we miss all of jour hospital and military friends/family, we wouldn’t trade being back home for big celebrations like this and all the small memories in-between.  Nothing will ever be able to replace family and solid friends! This […]

Winter problems for Taylor

Posted: 25th November 2014 by in Journal
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So winter is here in full swing, which opens up another door of obstacles for Taylor and getting  to and from places. 1.   Snow and ice on any type of incline introduces an extremely slippery path. 2. Once Taylor goes inside, after walking around outside in the snow, his snows are still wet and […]

Vacation Time

Posted: 24th November 2014 by in Journal
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This semester Taylor has been a full-time student at the University of Northern Iowa.  Yes, he has been taking a class here or there throughout his military career but this is the first time since High School that he has been a full-time student.  This week he is on Thanksgiving break.  I think he almost […]