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Starting last Wednesday, we have been traveling around the West Coast. First stop, San Pedro, CA, home of the USS Iowa Battleship. We were invited out to be apart of The God Heart, Give Hope campaign. The Got Heart, Give Hope® Celebration is a signature event that honors the courage of our wounded service members, […]

What is that? Who?

Posted: 21st July 2014 by in Journal

What is that coming??? Oh I know that green and yellow, it’s a John Deere tractor. But who is that coming?? Someone taking a trick out of my play book… killing two birds with one stone.  Getting some work done and getting a tan. But who could be that smart and hardworking??? Closer but still […]

This weekend Taylor taught me and walked me through changing the brakes on my car. Before this, I hadn’t changed my tire… You can say I jumped into the mechanic role headfirst! Taylor was such a patient, amazing teacher!! There was a few bolts that also had me throwing in the towel.  I used every ounce […]