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Could this be it??

Posted: 22nd April 2014 by in Journal

So appointment is finished. It looks like our “last appointment” is actually going to be our last appointment.   Eight hours of psych evaluations. The lady who administered the test said she will determine the results, pass the results to the head of neuro psych (which should be by Friday). And if the head of neuro […]

Phase 3

Posted: 21st April 2014 by in Journal

Today was the first day of phase three of the running experiment to test the efficiency between straight running legs and running legs with knees.  This test will provide insight on how much oxygen intake and CO2 output is needed when running with each leg.   Taylor ran with the face mask on which measured […]

Happy Easter to all!!

Posted: 20th April 2014 by in Journal

Although we would have preferred to be home surrounded by family on this Easter weekend, we made the best of Easter in DC! We actually had a good weekend.  Lots of baking sweets, enjoying each other, and hiding Easter baskets for one another around the apartment.  I love starting new, fun traditions.  And I love […]