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The skies let loose this weekend.  It either rained or snowed all weekend long, which was a blessing in disguise in a way.  It forced us to lay low and get some stuff done around the apartment: packing, school work, cleaning and organizing. To avoid cabin fever we couldn’t stay in all weekend. Friday night […]

No running today :-(

Posted: 27th March 2014 by in Journal

Well the running appointment got postponed for next week…bummer I know.  I was excited to see what the test proved.  I know Taylor enjoys running with the bent knee running leg.  It is more natural stride through his hips and glide through his steps but  the question of which form of running for a double […]

Running with straight knees or bent???

Posted: 27th March 2014 by in Journal

Tomorrow we are practicing the running legs…. is running with bent knees or straight  knees more efficient as far as breathing and timing goes?  We will find out tomorrow… lets hear your guess! Bent Knee Running Straight Leg Running