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Birthday weekend in Tennessee

Posted: 24th February 2014 by in Journal

Our friends Andrew and Tori left the hospital to move back to their home state of Tennessee before Thanksgiving this past year.  When they made the big move from the hospital to Tennessee they loaded up everything they could fit into their truck and car; leaving a few items with us for safe keeping.  We […]

Talk about handsomeness

Posted: 23rd February 2014 by in Journal

Tomorrow we leave Tennessee and head back to the hospital in DC.  We have had so much fun with our friends Andrew and Tori Smith and we have done so many fun- outdoors activities, all of with Taylor has took on with determination (as always proud of him and everything he sets out to do […]

DARPA (Defense Advance Research Project Agency)

Posted: 20th February 2014 by in Journal

Today, Taylor, myself, and a couple others from the hospital had a meeting at DARPA (Defense Advance Research Project Agency).  We heard about all the newest and greatest prosthetic is research and evaluated where the prosthetic world should and could go.  They researchers asked us to name off everything we would want out of a […]