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Birthday Parties and Monster Trucks

Posted: 26th January 2014 by in Journal

Fun and eventful weekend!   We started off our Friday night with some fun cooking together.  We were heading to a birthday party later in the night and wanted to make an appetizer.  Every recipe that we used to make before Taylor’s injury and before we lived at the hospital is always an adventure making […]

Meet our friend Stanley

Posted: 23rd January 2014 by in Journal

So as I mentioned this last time I was traveling back from Iowa, I was traveling with a tool box.  Taylor claimed this toolbox was the perfect one to fit and organize all his prosthetic hands, terminal devices, and parts and pieces that keep everything running smoothly.  After his long explanation about this being the […]

Farewell my friends

Posted: 22nd January 2014 by in Journal

Tonight we had yet another going away dinner.  Our friends, Paige, Josh, and baby harper are heading home this weekend.  We are excited for them to be able to start a life, building memories with their little family in a place they can call home.  Every time we go out to eat for a going […]