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We made it!

Posted: 27th November 2013 by in Journal

WE MADE IT HOME AND COULDN’T BE ANY HAPPIER!   We went grocery shopping for our dish for Thanksgiving Day already! It’s white and snowy all around us but we couldn’t  be happier.  You can feel the midwest when walking through the grocery store lanes and everyone telling your hi, how are you doing, Happy […]

Iowa is just one flight away!

Posted: 25th November 2013 by in Journal

Taylor was on a flight to Boston Sunday.  Then on a flight to DC today.  Tomorrow we are on a flight to good old Iowa! So much air time 🙂   There is snow on the ground there.  The weather looks like it is going to be bouncing between 10 and 30 degrees all week.  […]

The owner of the New England Patriots, Robert Kraft, with Taylor Morris , Travis Mills, and Bo Reichenbach on the field before the game! The boys bundled up with their Patriots gears to keep warm on the 6 degree freezing night as they watch the game. Meanwhile Danielle Kelly, Kelsey Mills, and Lacy Reichenbach had a […]