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Posted: 30th September 2013 by in Journal

To describe the race…First I think everyone needs to understand the mission behind the race. • HISTORY By the time Stephen Siller was 10 years old, he had already lost both parents. Although he went through a period of struggle, because of the love of his siblings and the values instilled in him by his […]

My pack mule :-)

Posted: 25th September 2013 by in Journal

Meet my pack mule!  Just another day in the life of newly quadruple amputee… heading to the hospital for prosthetic work, prosthetic work, and more prosthetic work  

New driving program

Posted: 24th September 2013 by in Journal

Taylor went through a driver rehab program at the hospital early on.  In this rehab we practiced using different hand controls and adaptive equipment to figure out which system worked best for the long haul.  After extensive practice with all these different types of adaptive equipment, we got a van adapted which push/pull hand controls […]