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Mowing the lawn??

Posted: 21st August 2013 by in Journal

I’ve seen it all… This morning I came by Taylor’s house after my morning run with breakfast and coffee in hand and where do I find Taylor?  On the family John Deere riding lawn mower, mowing the yard!! I could barley believe my eyes as I see him cruising across the lawn with a grin […]


Posted: 21st August 2013 by in Journal

Taylor got an upgrade on his legs a couple weeks back; NOW THEY ARE WATERPROOF!  We just got the correct feet to add to the new X3 knee.  I have learned a thing or two about prosthetic installment over this past year, so with Taylor knowing what feels right we could work our way through […]

  Today Taylor, his sister, and myself went to our local news station where they did a story on the race this Saturday!  They wanted to ask a few questions on why we were doing the race in a “Pay it Forward” fashion and we wanted to promote the race because it is going to […]