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What a STUD!!!

Posted: 24th July 2013 by in Journal

  Tonight while I was packing for a kayaking trip we leave for tomorrow(through the weekend), Taylor headed out into town to get his haircut. He surprised me when he walked into the apartment holding sushi that he had picked up on his way back. He knew it wouldn’t be done packing for a while […]

Skin fit sockets!

Posted: 23rd July 2013 by in Journal

Taylor got casted for skin fit sockets last week. Today the plastic socket got in…he loved the fit ad feel. The sockets are already being sent out for a definitive mold (carbon fiber). We will have to tell you all about what a skin fit socket entails, when we get the carbon fiber sockets in. […]

Ramps set at a 15 degree angle

Posted: 22nd July 2013 by in Journal

Ramps and stairs are the major tasks that we continue to work on.  This ramp can be adjusted anywhere from 1 degree incline to a 30 degree incline.  Taylor has worked his way up to a 15 degree angle.  I don’t know if the video does him justice but this is a mountainous accomplishment!   […]