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Skin fit sockets day one!

Posted: 31st July 2013 by in Journal

Today was the first day of putting on the skin fit sockets.  Taylor was determined to figure out how to put them on by himself.  Now that he has earned his independence back as far as getting ready for the day goes, he doesn’t want to loose that independence when switching to a new system. […]

Skin Fit Sockets

Posted: 31st July 2013 by in Journal

The skin fit sockets are in! These sockets look almost identical to Taylor’s pervious sockets but this is a whole new system.  The difference in the skin fit socket is Taylor won’t have to wear any liners between his skin and the socket.  It is supposed to create a more intimate feel.  Instead of wearing […]

This past weekend Taylor and I went on a kayaking trip with Team River Runner.  We have been working with Team River Runner since almost the very beginning and we have been on kayaking trips with them before…a fun group to say the least.  One of the trips we have been on with them was […]