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After seeing devastation a week ago at the Boston Marathon. We knew we wanted to do something. Taylor and a few other amputees at the hospital (Timothy Brown, Joseph Deslauriers, Johnny Joseph Jones, Mark Burleson, Mark Lytel, and James Sides) got together in hopes to reach out to the Boston injured… real talk from one […]

No wheelchair…new pack mule!

Posted: 22nd April 2013 by in Journal

Each day Taylor is trying to ween the wheelchair out of his everyday life more and more. In doing so, he does’t have his “pack mule” to lug sets of arms and legs to and from the prosthetic lab at the hospital. Instead he recruited this pack mule. You should have seen us as we […]

I would call the rest of the amputee bootcamp a success! I will say it time and time again the very best part about the bootcamp was the opportunity for Taylor to meet a few guys with amazing skill and knowledge behind the legs he wears everyday. He loved watching their techniques doing simple but […]