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To understand this journal post you need to know 4 things: 1.) 2 months ago we posted a YouTube video of Taylor drifting a car in the snow, which had one purpose…getting the attention of Ken Block and hopefully peer pressuring Ken into giving Taylor a ride-along in his car. 2.) If you don’t know […]

Road trips and nephews!!

Posted: 19th February 2013 by in Journal

Taylor and the boys made it safety down to where Ken Block is racing this weekend. And I had an amazing day and birthday dinner with my nephews, my sisters, and my brother!! That’s a good day!!

A week of festivities!!

Posted: 18th February 2013 by in Journal

Taylor and I have been having a blast in Iowa, just like every visit! This weekend we had to divid and conquer. It seems like this is always the strategy when we come back. There is always so many people that we want to see and so many places we need to be. So it […]