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It never stops!

Posted: 22nd January 2013 by in Journal

I feel like I’ve said it before…More than likely I’ll say it again, but man what a whirlwind. Yesterday Taylor and I participated in some of the inaugural events. In the morning we went to the Capitol where the President was sworn into office. There had been a lot of talk about the freezing cold […]

Inauguration Events

Posted: 20th January 2013 by in Journal

Last Friday Taylor and I were asked to go to the Oval Office to do a meet and greet with President Obama and the seven other citizen co-chairs. While we were waiting for everyone to arrive, Taylor and I sipped on a Diet Coke right outside the Oval Office doors. We haven’t had a malfunction […]

Dogsled?? More like Taylorsled

Posted: 16th January 2013 by in Journal

Taylor has been determined to build up the strength in his legs since his surgery that prevented him from working with his prosthetic legs. The extra muscle mass and strength, the easier it will be for Taylor to complete tasks such as: walking up or down stairs, walking for longer periods of time, snowboarding, biking, […]