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Wheelchair Rugby

Posted: 31st January 2013 by in Journal

Today was back to back to back appointments, one of them being an appointment with a decked out hard core wheelchair, volleyball, and a basketball court. That’s right wheelchair rugby! Our occupational therapist asked us if we wanted to check out one of wheelchair rugby team’s practices. Taylor wasn’t sold on the idea until our […]

OT Goals!

Posted: 30th January 2013 by in Journal

Today in OT we went through a list of ADL (activities of daily living). Together Taylor and I had to rank his ability to complete each task with a score 0-4. This helps narrow down the things that Taylor still needs to work on and the things Taylor wants to work on. One of the […]

A week in Colorado!

Posted: 29th January 2013 by in Journal

We are back in Bethesda after a week of skiing/snowboarding in the Colorado. The trip consisted of a mixture of learning to snowboard for the first time all over again, lots of wipe outs, hot tub time to soothe the achy muscles, enjoying the beautiful scenery, watching the daredevil athletes compete in the Xgames, and […]