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Posted: 31st December 2012 by in Journal

This weekend Taylor and I had to divide and conquer. I headed to Des Moines to visit my college friends! We had so much fun watching our friend Dustin Smith’s band preform and running amuck around the town. The following morning, I was back on the road to Iowa City. I was already missing my […]

Home is where the heart is <3

Posted: 26th December 2012 by in Journal

It’s been awesome to be back home!!! I don’t think it is intentional but we pack the absolute most into each day! Definitely getting our bang for our buck during this visit home. The mindset of pushing the limits seems to expand into all aspects of our lives. The first night we were here Taylor […]

A Song For The Holidays!

Posted: 26th December 2012 by in Journal
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Hey guys, I don’t post on here too often but Danielle let me hop on tonight. My name is Ben and I’m the dude behind the scenes for Taylor and all of his social media, website, emails, etc. When I’m not working on that business, I’m working on my other project, Skool’d. This is my […]