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When I was stressing out about it today, complaining about how we haven’t heard yet, Taylor reminded me about what the doctors told us way back when. Back when we were in the hospital, when life consisted of surgeries three times a week, and medical jargon became our new daily vocabulary; we had cultures being […]

Long Weekend…Culture results?

Posted: 26th November 2012 by in Journal

We spent the long weekend laying low…reading books, scrapbooking, watching episodes after episodes of shows… but still no word on the culture. Hopefully tomorrow will yeild some news…good news!

We made it out!!

Posted: 22nd November 2012 by in Journal

Wouldn’t be Thanksgiving at the hospital without food from plastic ToGo containers and our lunch being interrupted by the nurse rushing into change Taylor’s IV because blood was leaking everywhere!! Even though we are at the hospital (not our preferred place to be today) we are beyond grateful to have each other!!!! Taylor’s personality, spunk, […]