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Muscle Contraction Workout

Posted: 29th November 2012 by in Journal

Surgery restricted 3 of Taylor’s 4 limbs from prosthetics but that doesn’t mean those 3 limbs can’t get a workout. Today in OT, our therapist hooked Taylor’s left nub up to probes. The probes were connected to both his bicep and tricep, which measured the strength of his muscle contractions. This is an important exercise […]


Posted: 28th November 2012 by in Journal

This video was last week before the surgery. For the longest time Taylor has had an obsession with knot tying. He loved the Navy courses where they would teach him various types of knots and all the different purposes or occasions for each. On top that of that he would buy books, self-teach videos, and […]

Results are in!

Posted: 27th November 2012 by in Journal

Oh man, it felt good to be out of the apartment today. It’s weird to say but it felt good to be back at the hospital going to appointments. It felt good to meet with the different departments and get some things done; productivity…I love it! It felt good to get some answers as far […]