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Posted: 31st October 2012 by in Journal

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! The hospital likes to make their therapy sessions fun and entertaining, not to mention relative. We spent a few days of OT working on pumpkin carving skills; which is a VERY important skill. Taylor and I have carved pumpkins every year. We always make it into a competition (of course) on who’s design […]

Cabin Fever

Posted: 30th October 2012 by in Journal

We were starting to get cabin fever today, after being stuck in the apartment due to Hurricane Sandy. For our own sanity, we had to get out and do something. There was this recipe we had heard about from another wounded warrior down in the training center. He had told us his grandma used to […]

Hurricane Sandy

Posted: 29th October 2012 by in Journal

Due to Hurricane Sandy the hospital was closed today and tomorrow. Although we loved a day of lugging it around the apartment, we did miss out on a lot of appointments. One of the more important appointments that we missed was the appointment to talk with our orthopedic doctor in regards to a fluid pocket […]