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Busy week…like you haven’t heard that before

Posted: 28th September 2012 by in Journal

BUSY WEEK. We got back from New York last week on Tuesday. Went swimming this week Went kayaking Got Taylor’s carbon fiber socket for his legs (these sockets are supposed to be A TON lighter not putting so much wear and tear on his legs). They don’t let you order carbon fiber until they think […]

Balance between hospital life and real life

Posted: 26th September 2012 by in Journal

Today Taylor had a little set back when he visited wound care. They told him that the one wound on this right leg had gotten significantly deeper, simulating a deep cave within his leg. The wound is on the end of his numb so they advised him to stay off his legs for the next […]

NYC adventures!

Posted: 25th September 2012 by in Journal

What a whirl wind of a weekend! But oh how fun it was!! We were able to fly out Taylor’s family and a few friends to spend the weekend in New York before going on the Today show Monday morning. The weekend was unbelievable. The Today show pulled out all the stops to ensure everyone […]