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I Threw A Parade For My Friend.

Posted: 31st August 2012 by in Journal

Today I threw a parade for my friend. I threw a parade……… A successful parade…… I threw a parade in the town i’ve grown up in, experienced my first public school in, experienced learning how to drive stick in, experienced my first prom in, experienced live music in, experienced my first beer in, experienced college in, experienced some […]

What I know about my son

Posted: 30th August 2012 by in Journal

He’s shy most of the time . . . except for when he’s not. He’s a very humble guy . . . except for when he thinks he’s got an incredible idea . . . then . . . he’s not humble because he KNOWS it’s an amazing idea. He doesn’t like being the center […]

The Circle of Love

Posted: 28th August 2012 by in Journal

On Thursday – when Taylor and Danielle leave for Iowa – I’m going with them. Only thing is – I’m leaving for good for the most part. I’ve been dreading this day – knowing that it was coming and yet avoiding thinking about it. Yes, I will come back – to check in – and […]