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Another fluid pocket surgery day….

Posted: 28th June 2012 by in Journal

This morning Taylor and I were woken up bright and early by our stand in ortho doctor (our primary doctor is on vacation this week) he poked and prodded Taylor’s leg then made the decision to go in and surgically remove the inflamed, fluid sack on the bottom of the left nub.  Since the days OR […]


Posted: 27th June 2012 by in Journal

Dang, where do I start… I feel like today has been forever long. This morning Taylor and I woke up early to get a shower in before the day took over.  Juli stopped up to say good bye and give her kisses and hugs.  She is heading to watch her niece perform in Miss teen Arkansas, while […]

Taylor stood!!!

Posted: 25th June 2012 by in Journal

Today Taylor stood up on his left prosthetic!! Such an exciting event! Between the physical therapist, ortho, wound care, and our main doctor the time line for this event was continuing fluctuating.  We were waiting for all parties to sign off on it, when we were pleasantly surprised by the action to get it down today. […]