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Finding Balance . . . Again

Posted: 23rd May 2012 by in Journal

When your life direction suddenly changes, you must regroup and get your bearings straight – and for Taylor that means being still, re-grounding, and finding a new way to balance. Taylor was going full speed ahead – both physically and mentally – like he was in an all out sprint. Since he has been in […]

Wowzas, are these days ever going to slow down? We started the morning out with mental health and brain injury consolation.  Before going overseas everyone takes a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) survey.  This serves as a baseline for when all these soldiers come home, to ensure their mental stability after a deployment.  These tests are critically evaluated in […]

Squeaky Clean

Posted: 21st May 2012 by in Journal

What a great day!   Hung out with Ray until after 2:00  – while they talked about their invention ideas and Ray enhanced the stylus gripper. Then we created a  spa-like experience for Taylor.  We figured if he hurts some places – he should feel AMAZING where he could. We had to keep his stitches dry, we found a way – and totally washed the […]