What is that? Who?

Posted: 21st July 2014 by Danielle in Journal

What is that coming???


Oh I know that green and yellow, it’s a John Deere tractor.

But who is that coming??


Someone taking a trick out of my play book… killing two birds with one stone.  Getting some work done and getting a tan.

But who could be that smart and hardworking???


Closer but still not sure who just mowed the entire property???


OOOOHHH IT’S TAYLOR!!! Silly me, I should have know :-)


The anticipation of him reaching me made it seem like a lifetime and within seconds, he is gone like the wind.  Off to finish the job!




New brakes and rotors…What’s a girls to do??

Posted: 21st July 2014 by Danielle in Journal

This weekend Taylor taught me and walked me through changing the brakes on my car. Before this, I hadn’t changed my tire… You can say I jumped into the mechanic role headfirst! Taylor was such a patient, amazing teacher!!

There was a few bolts that also had me throwing in the towel.  I used every ounce of strength, energy, put all my weight behind it….nothing was budging this bolt.  I thought it was a lose cause.  Taylor assured me that when working on vehicles and you hit a roadblock you can’t stop or give up, you have to attack the problem from every angle possible.  I can’t tell you how good it felt when that stubborn bolt finally gave in!


It was an exhausting, tiring but fun day of work with Taylor.  I loved learning a new life skill of a hobby that Taylor  valued so much while growing up.  He loved working on cars, motorcycles, four-wheelers, basically everything with a motor with the boys.  This hobby of his followed him through junior high, to high school, into his time in the Navy.  Although Taylor cannot work with tools and gears as easily as he used to, prior to his injury, he still has all knowledge.  That knowledge and his calm, descriptive teaching methods will allow his hobby to be life on in another form.

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The unknowns of travel

Posted: 17th July 2014 by Danielle in Journal

Traveling brings out obstacles that you cannot always prepare for.  The different terrain (hills, rocky or cobble roads… forces Taylor to turn a relaxing vacation into a strenuous workout/training/rehab regime), different populated streets (crowded streets with people moving at a fast pace, forces Taylor to be overly observant, agile, and defensive walker. , different weather climates (hot/muggy weather causes Taylor to sweat and the prosthetics to slip off, the cold causes the prosthetic arm to react slower, severe winds can literally knock Taylor over, rain can completely short out the arm leaving him with any arm)

We never know exactly what the trip or traveling will bring but we also try to never let these obstacles stand in our way.  We try to take each obstacle on one at a time.

This trip to San Francisco we took on lots and lots and lots of steep, steep, steep hills.  To top off the steep hills of the city, when we went to the see the Golden Gate Bridge we had to hike this hill with loose gravel.  I thought getting up the hill would be challenging, turns out going down a steep hill with loose gravel is 10 times harder.  At one point , Taylor’s feet slipped out from underneath him. I helped him up, dusted off the prosthetic knees, removed the small pieces of gravel lodged in-between his prosthetic fingers, and heading the rest of the way down the hill.  NO damage done and a beautiful view taken in.