Posted: 31st July 2014 by Danielle in Journal

Tonight I drove 90 minutes to catch up with some college friends over dinner.  A perk of the drive was I could stop in and see my nephews real quick.  I love being back in Iowa and close enough to family and friends that you can drive for a quick hug, kiss, laugh…

Living on the opposite side of the country for a couple years makes you grateful to be in such close proximity… 90 minutes used to seem like such a long drive and now its nothing :-)




Taylor broke his knee

Posted: 29th July 2014 by Danielle in Journal

When we were flying from Vegas, Taylor slipped which completely twisted his left knee outward.  This was at the start of a 8 hour day of travel.  I wouldn’t call walking easy with prosthetics but it walking with a crooked prosthetic definitely isn’t easy.

Here is a video of his stride with the crooked left knee.


Traveling isn’t Taylor favorite anyways and we didn’t had our tools to fix the prosthetic ourselves (it was in our checked luggage under the plane).  So we started asking any maintenance or airport management we saw if they had a metric allen wrench.  A couple of people looked for us but no luck… Someone told us our last option would be to call the Las Vegas county and hope that they have time to bring one over to the airport before we had to board.  When we were making the call and getting shuffled from person to person, another airport employee overheard what we were looking for and said he had standard allen wrenches on him and would see if that would work.  By the luck of all that is holy, one of the standard allen wrenches worked!! We popped of the knee from the socket, twisted the joint, put back on the knee, and tightened up all the pieces!  It wasn’t perfect but it was about 90% better, which allowed for a much smoother traveling day.  When we got home we straightened it out the rest of the way:-)  Where there is a will there is a way!




Vegas…wedding bells…and heritage?

Posted: 29th July 2014 by Danielle in Journal

After leaving LA on Friday, we hustled over to Vegas to join the wedding festivities.  We landed in Vegas at 630, got our luggage by 650, taxied to our hotel and checked in 710, dropped off our luggage in the room by 715, and was sitting down for a drink with the bride and groom by 720… now that is time management and hustling at its finest.

We order a beer at dinner, not expecting the glass to be a liter… the cup was so big and so heavy that Taylor couldn’t fit his prosthetic around it and even if he could, it was too heavy for Taylor to hold.  The only way to fix that problem was for Taylor to recruit the little numb for back up, which allowed him to pick up the cup, in return helping him make the cup lighter with each sip :-)

We enjoyed the rest of the night on the town with the wedding party.

IMG_4141 IMG_4194

There was a river and gondola’s in the middle of an indoor shopping center within our hotel.  Every gondola had someone paddle them up and down the river while serenading them with song.  We saw one couple get married on the gondola.  The crowds on both sides of the river watched and listened as they gave their vows.  After they were pronounced husband and wife, everyone around the river cheered with great excitement (you would have never guessed the cheering crowd had never met this couple before this moment…)IMG_4158 IMG_4170

How beautiful is this hotel?  It definitely isn’t the typical hotel we opted to stay at but thanks to the bride and groom’s selection we treated ourselves to some beautiful architect and paintings



IMG_4178 IMG_4180

He always loves trying to figure out how gadgets work


Taylor tried to find the only sliver of shade when everyone was hanging out by the pool.  He already get overheated on a semi-warm day but in the 115 degree Vegas weather, he swore he was on the verge of melting.  An ice cold beer was his saving grace :-)


Girls after a warm, warm pool day in Vegas (115 degrees)


As I have wrote, the bride and groom requested that we come dressed in our heritage’s finest.  The bride and groom were German and happy as can be!


All these handsome men and beautiful women are our military’s finest!


Irish lass and my German gent!